Silver Cored Beads

Silver cored beads are made with a 3/16 inch mandrel and cored with a sterling silver (.925 silver content) tube with flared ends. The cored beads fit the standard Pandora wrist chain. Click on picture to view larger image.

SKU: 9308
Mezzotint Gorge Boro Glass Bead
OD: 18.26 mm
Width: 9.86 mm
Hole: 4.37 mm
SKU: 9309
Grain Churl Boro Glass Bead
OD: 18.71 mm
Width: 9.09 mm
Hole: 4.37 mm
SKU: 9311
Classic Moss Boro Glass Bead
OD: 18.84 mm
Width: 10.52 mm
Hole: 4.37 mm
SKU: 9312
Winter Embrace Boro Glass Bead
OD: 21.15 mm
Width: 12.38 mm
Hole: 4.37 mm
SKU: 9313
Sky Clouds Boro Glass Bead
OD: 20.8 mm
Width: 11.83 mm
Hole: 4.37 mm