Bead Compare FAQ

Why is the Bead Compare page blank?
A bead or beads must be first selected by using the "Orange" compare button located below the SKU number. Add any number of selections to fit your needs.

Is Bead Compare necessary for the purchase of beads?
No, Bead Compare is not required. It is to be used as a temporary catalog or a way to compare a number of beads prior to purchase.

How is a bead removed from Bead Compare?
Once selected, the "Compare" button changes to an orange "Remove" button. Select and confirm your selection for removal.

Will Bead Compare retain my selections?
Yes, the system will remember your selections for up to 5 days.

I came back to Bead Compare and my selections were no longer available.
Bead Compare sets a session cookie and if your computer deletes that cookie then Bead Compare will not remember your selections.

Can a browser be set to not delete a session cookie?
Most modern browsers have settings that will retain a cookie. Or the browser can be set to delete all cookies when the browser is shut down.

Will Bead Compare place my selections into the shopping cart?
No it will not. However, there is an "Add to Cart" button that once clicked will pace the bead into the shopping cart.

Once a bead is in the shopping cart can it be removed?
The cart has a removal button just for that purpose.

What happens if I leave the site with beads still listed in Bead Compare?
Nothing happens. The beads remain in inventory. And your selections will disappear in 5 days.

Will other site viewers be able to view my beads in Bead Compare?
Only you will be able to view your selections upon returning to the site if the session cookie is still in place.

Can I see a larger image when using Bead Compare?
Yes, click on the image and a larger image will be displayed. If there is more than on image of the bead then a right arrow will appear. Click and view the next image using the arrow. This same feature is available for all bead catalogs not just Bead Compare.

One of beads listed in Bead Compare disappeared when I looked at my selections three days latter. What happened?
Beads are removed from inventory when purchased. Someone else purchased the bead and it was removed from all Bead Compare listings.