Graphite Masher

Graphite Masher at Alaska Boro BeadsIn the world of lampworking there is a need to change the shape of molten glass. In this case a masher is used to complete this task.

Mashers come in a variety of styles and materials. Some use a parallel masher or the less costly BBQ variety. The parallel in nice in that it does with the title suggests -- keeps the thickness of the glass the same.

The BBQ type does work, but will not maintain a true parallel result. In many cases it is not necessary.

This graphite masher performs the same task as either the parallel or BBQ. It is 'very' heavy duty being made from one inch thick graphite. The overall base size is 4-3/8 inch square. This size and shape works well with the listed "L" marver which forms the other half of the system. Or any type of base plate could be used including textured material that is heat resistant.

The handle bracket is made from 1/8 x 1-1/4 inch steel, heated and bent to size. The wooden handle is a dowel rod that has been drilled and taped to 1/4-20.

If the desired glass thickness of 1/4 inch is required it is a simple matter of placing two bars of that thickness on the base and mash away.