Graphite L Marver

Graphite L Marver at Alaska Boro BeadsA graphite L marver is a tool that has a number of uses in the lampworking world. Many use a marver mounted on a torch for ease of use as it is short trip from the flame to the L marver.

One use is to shape a design into a cylinder as the 90 degree angles act as the bottom and side edges enabling rounding to occur. Some other marver designs use angles other than 90 degrees to make a cone. These use 60 degrees for that process and look more like a V-block.

This marver by Alaska Boro is constructed from 1 inch thick graphite. The overall outside size is 5-3/8 inches long by 3-1/2 inches high. The working surface is 4 inches long by 2-1/2 inches high and 4-1/4 inches in width.

To provide the required stability the back is attached with 6 inch long bolts with holes drilled through the entire length of the base. To further increase durability, both the front and rear utilize a 1/8 inch thick steel plate to protect the graphite. These plates also distribute the holding forces evenly over the width of the face and rear potion of the marver.

The added feature of the through bolts provides a location to attach a mounting bracket as needed. Holes could be drilled and taped but will not take as much abuse as a through hole.

Many firms sell L graphite marvers. Costs range from $50 to $70 depending on design.