Green Flower Marble

Green Boro Flower Marble at Alaska Boro BeadsThis distinct marble from Alaska Boro is themed on a green flower with striations in the flower pedals. A simple design that is magnified by the built in natural marble lens.

The flower uses the classic implosion technique to produce a natural flower look in boro glass. The pedals are created by using twisted cane composed of green and white. When added to the maria, and melted in, the result is a pedal that has detailed looking veins. The central portion of the flower, the stamen, uses small dots of yellow glass.

A graphic marble mold is used to shape the marble. However, the mold rim produces the round shape, not the mold itself.

The Green Flower marble is 22.48 mm is diameter or just slightly larger than 7/8 inch. The weight is 13.80 grams.