Teardrop Implosion Pendant

Flower Drop Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsGravity is a part of the process for a teardrop pendant. This one of a kind lampwork boro pendant is created by using the implosion process to add the central design. A dark backing is added for contrast with the imploded design.

A loop is added to the "round" pendent by placing a hot drop of glass on the top and melting in. Once the correct shape, this glass drop is pierced with Peter's pliers for the initial hole. The larger hole is created using a graphic tapered rod to the finished hole size.

The round pendant shape is converted to the final shape as heat is carefully added which allows the glass to flow forming the teardrop shape.

This pendant by Alaska Boro beads is 45.7 mm in height, a width of 23.6 mm, a thickness of 12.2 mm with a bail hole size of 5.1 mm.