Multicolor Fumed Pendant

Multicolor Fumed Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsWell sometimes you get the most unexpected. This fumed silver pendant consists of clear and a single boro glass striking color. And WOW, once the red heat glow dissipated the most unexpected colors appeared!

Yes, that is the wonder of boro glass. Some interesting and surprising results. However, in this case, these colors are most wonderful and add much interested to the pendant.

The overall pendant is made of boro clear glass including the bail. The silver fume is placed on the maria with dots of color applied. This is melted in to form a pendant. A black backing is added to provide contrast to the applied color.

Much of the color comes from the interaction of the applied striking color with the silver fume. During the melting in process, some of the silver is burned off which results in layers of multiple interleaved colors.

The overall width of the pendant is 23.64 mm, a total height from bottom to top of bail of 34.27 mm, a maximum thickness of 12.08 mm and a hole size of 6.62 mm.