Gold and Ice

Gold and Rose Glass Icicle at Alaska Boro BeadsIcicles that do not melt at room temperature is a goal for Alaska Boro glass. Here in Alaska, winter is on its way. Thus, it is time to start thinking of cold, snow and ice. The tree leaves are on the ground with a little snow remaining from earlier snow falls.

This boro glass icicle is made of clear boro rod that is stretch to form the correct icicle shape. Bumps, as found in the cold type of icicle, could be included by compressing the glass in select areas. And slight bends can be added to realistically shape the creation.

To enhance the design, random drops of clear glass are placed on the surface. This adds interest to the surface appearance to change a smooth look to something much more interesting.

The last step is to use real gold (currently $1,701 per ounce) to fume the glass icicle. The fuming process deposits a thin layer on the boro glass which creates a background rosy color with drops in a gold sheen.

The overall length of the boro glass rose/gold icicle is 80.9 mm with a maximum OD of 12.2 mm with a hole at the top for hanging.