Custom Orders

Boro Creations

Boro beads and other creations made by Alaska Boro are generally one of a kind and unique. Think of each bead as a miniature art object.

It is possible to come close to a previously made creation. The difficult part is determining the number of colors used, the application method and the characteristic of the flame when the object was first made.

The hard part, from the standpoint of Alaska Boro, is recreating a design without the aid of a recipe as each bead is made using a random selection of boro glass.

Considering the above factors, Alaska Boro can attempt to make a bead that more or less looks like the desired object.

Terms and Conditions for Custom Orders

1) Custom orders may take from one to three weeks for completion.

2) Order will be limited to no more than 10 beads all of one type.

3) Outside bead diameter can not be guaranteed. But will generally be within a range of plus or minus 2 mm. i.e. does not apply to pendants

4) Custom orders require a prepayment of 50% of the total order which is non refundable in case of order cancellation.

5) Full payment including shipping, handling and insurance is due when beads are completed.

6) All custom orders are final - no returns - no refunds.

7) Terms and conditions subject to change without prior notice.