Boro Pendant Necklace

Boro Pendant Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsA creative design using a handmade boro pendant from Alaska Boro. Sally at Alaska Handmade Jewelry created this 24 inch masterpiece.

As stated by Alaska Handmade Jewelry....

"Peach Drop 7 mm pearls Cultured Pearls provides the rickrack look of the Boro Pendant Necklace at Alaska Boro Beadsnecklace. Each Pearl is complemented by Rondell Muscovite bead which adds to the earthy rich feel of this necklace. The Pendant is accented by Bali bead sterling silver caps. Only the best to compliment the Goddess Boro Glass bead (certainly one of a kind). The Goddess Boro Glass bead is quite beautiful with an eye catching focal from front and/or back."