Inside Pendant

Inside Design Boro Glass Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsBoro glass pendants are made by creating a maria (a rod that is heated with the end being pressed onto a flat surface forming a disk at the end of the rod). i.e. visualize the hole of a life saver over the end of a pencil point. This disk is then decorated with colored glass and melted in to form a pendant.

For this handmade pendant by Alaska Boro, a maria is made and decorated. The colors melted in and then a second maria is made. This additional maria is then glass welded to the surface of the first disk. The result, is a pendant with the design "inside" which is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

The hot glass is formed into a pendant shaped disk and flame polished to remove any tool marks. Then a small bead is melted into the top for the bail.

This inside design boro glass pendant has an outside diameter of 28.76 mm with a height (bottom to top of bail) of 38.44 mm. The pendant is made from blue, white, black and clear boro glass with a cobalt blue bail made with a 3/32 inch hole.