Red Hanging Mushroom

Small RED Handmade Boro Glass Mushroom at Alaska Boro BeadsMushrooms, at Alaska Boro, come in a variety of colors and sizes. This red boro handmade mushroom is complete with a stainless steel hook. And with the stubby stem design, can self stand.

This new red mushroom, is composed of three colored rods intermixed with clear. The hook is melted into the glass in place of glue. Glue would be an acceptable option for this process, but melting into red hot glass just seems more natural.

All the boro glass mushrooms passed the kiln test and came out annealed without issue. Taking cold glass to 1050 F can sometimes present problems. Twelve hours later they had cooled to 127 F just right for kiln removal.

The cute leaning mushroom, with a clear stem has a cap OD of 25.32 mm, a height without hook at 28.13 mm with a total height of 34.85 mm.