Carol's Bracelets

Red Bead Bracelet at Alaska Boro BeadsCarol is a jewelry designer that uses a number of Alaska Boro beads in her creations. She creates for fun, as a hobby and for friends in the Midwest.

These two examples use Viking knit to produce the chain which perfectly balances the chosen beads. The snowman (snow person) is nicely accented with the choice of silver wire for the bracelet. This is offset with the use of a white and red patterned boro glass bead.

Snowman Bead Bracelet at Alaska Boro BeadsThe gold bracelet melds nicely with the reds and subtle whites of the bead. The copper works well in this combination for a simple but yet very effective combination.

Now to convince Carol to take her creations "on line" and open a shop for all to view and purchase her Midwest made creations.