Into the Mystic Earring Set

Green Earring Set Made With Alaska Boro Beads Shadow Dog Designs, located in Hilton Head, SC is using a pair of small handmade mossy green with mystical swirls boro glass beads in an earring set. These are titled ”Into the Mystic” taken from Van Morrison’s song title by the same name.

The beads are highlighted by faceted perhnite rondelles and “Olivine” Swarovski crystal bicones. These are individually wire wrapped on to sterling silver closed rings. Sterling silver daisy spacers and 4mm sterling silver beads complement the beads with sterling silver ear wires.

One of her Facebook viewers said:
"What a beautiful pair of earrings! Those lampwork beads are just gorgeous & have been paired perfectly with the prehnite & Swarovski crystals."

Large Hole Bead Necklace

Christmas Red and White Necklace with an Alaska Boro BeadAnna has created a most interesting three stand beaded rope necklace with deep rich Christmas colors of red and white opal Czech glass beads. The focal point uses one of Alaska Boro’s unique very large 10 mm hole beads.

Her creation consists of 630 Czech Preciosa 3 mm round glass beads. This 18 inch necklace uses sterling silver rondells along with a beaded toggle and ring clasp of her own design.

Anna ordered a number of very large hole beads for her special creations. Alaska Boro is pleased to feature her work of art.

Sally’s Necklace Creation

Pearl Necklace Using Alask Boro BeadSally at Alaska Handmade Jewelry has produced a spectacular necklace using a bead made by Alaska Boro. The focal complements the use of freshwater Pearls in cream, pink and Silver Star Dust beads.

The focal is highlighted with Swarovski Roundels and Sunstone. The Pearls are from Szarka at Magpie Gemstones with the focal from Alaska Boro.

The handmade Sterling Silver cones draw the strands of pearls together to a hook clasp with an extension chain. This chain allows this beautiful creation to move from 18 inches to 20 inches in length.

Beads With 10 mm Holes

Large Hole Pendant Boro Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Boro has been making beads with 10 millimeter holes. These Large Hole Beads are being used for Kumihimo cord braiding. This is a process that uses various fabrics to form a cord that is used for jewelry. The cord can be any size, however some artists like a 10 mm holes for their creations. There are thousands of weave and color possibilities including round and flat cord for Kumihimo cord braiding.

The boro beads are made using a 3/8 inch stainless steel mandrel. The overall hole size will vary depending on the thickness of the applied bead release. One issue of interest, is that beads made on a 3/8 mandrel take a lot of heat. Thus a smaller torch, such as the GTT Cricket, does not produce sufficient heat for the process.

Alaska Boro has replaced the Cricket with the larger Scorpion torch.Large Hole Red Tan Boro Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsWith both an inner and outer adjustable flame, the Scorpion has sufficient ‘fire power’ to take on the challenge.

Many of the Large Hole Beads have been pre purchased for special projects by our clients. If interested in custom made beads, please contact Alaska Boro. Prices for ‘custom made’ beads are the same as those posted on the site under the appropriate category.

Solar Flare Bracelet

Solar Flare Boro Glass Beads Using Alaska Boro BeadsCatherine of Shadow Dog Designs, has been working with a yellow set of beads made by Alaska Boro. Her “Solar Flare” bracelet makes use of labradorite rondelles in combination with faceted polygon shaped hematite. Catherine stated: “The piece is called "Solar Flare" because of the wonderful yellow color and also because of the flash of the labradorite rondelles.”

The labradorite was handpicked for its blue flash which complements the blue within the handmade yellow boro glass beads. Labradorite can produce a colorful play of light that is called labradorescence. These intense colors often range from a typical blue/violet through green, yellow and orange.

Large Hole Beads

Large Hole Boro Glass Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsBut unlike the title, these are really very large hole beads. By Alaska Boro standards, these surpass the 4.3 to 5 mm Pandora Big Hole beads. These beads are being made on a 3/8 inch stainless steel mandrel with a finished hole size of 10 mm.

As a size comparison, both 3/8 inch and 3/32 inch mandrels are pictured. The large red/tan bead in the lower left corner is 24.91 mm in outside diameter, 8.69 mm in thickness with a 10.10 mm diameter hole.

So how to define a really large hole bead is a matter of opinion. For Alaska Boro it is now defined at 10 mm. For those on Esty, BHB (Big Hole Beads) are 4 to 5 mm hole size. Seems that there is no standard. And it also seem it is hard to find handmade boro beads in the very large hole classification.

What made the LHB torching task easier was the reformulation of our bead release. The new batch goes on thinner and does not crack or flake under boro temperatures. More testing will be in order to solidify the formula. But so far, it is running ahead of expectations.

Because of the heat required, the Cricket has been retired and replaced with a GTT Scorpion. The outer flame has made a huge difference. A lot bushier, more heat and faster work times. The addition of one more 9 PSI at 5 LPM oxygen concentrator was needed to adequately run the torch. With three concentrators running into a manifold the torch is performing well.

Gloria’s Creation

Boro Bead Leather and Copper Bracelet using  Alaska Boro BeadsA spectacular creation using leather, copper and a focal bead from Alaska Boro. Gloria has combined all of these diverse elements into a bracelet that will accent most any wardrobe.

The use of copper brightens up the darker tones of the leather. Yet beautifully accents the rich colors of the handmade boro glass bead. Alaska Boro is looking forward to sharing her other creations as they become available.

Lunar Dawn Earring Set

Earring Set Using Alaska Boro BeadsCatherine, located in Hilton Head, South Carolina and the creator of Shadow Dog Designs has produced another winner using beads from Alaska Boro. Her new earring creation is called “Lunar Dawn” after the name given for the beads.

The set uses handmade borosilicate lampwork beads from Alaska Boro; "sapphire" Swarovski crystals; copper bead caps and beads; sterling silver ear wires with copper bead accents.

A comment by one of her viewers describes the beads….
“These beads actually reminded me of a photo I saw in the last month or two taken by Hubble - waves of reddish/bluish/ purplish bands stretching through space.”