Blue Lagoon Necklace

Blue Lagoon Necklace with Alaska Boro focal beadChrysalis Jewelry has created a most interesting necklace using greens and blues with a focal boro bead by Alaska Boro. The recycled frosted glass beads are surrounded with the swirl of blue-green in the handmade boro glass bead focal. The irregular shape of the recycled sea green and blue glass beads provides a primitive feel to this creation. The copper accents add a nice color contrast to this flavor of sea creation.

The following is a quote from Gloria regarding her necklace creation.

”I was thinking of a clear blue river in Mexico that runs into the gulf, where the fresh water meets the salt water and the two swirl around together picking up sand from the bottom. The green of the sea water and the blue of the fresh water are the colors of this design with the swirling motion of the sand captured in the handmade boro bead.”

Last Embers Pewter Bracelet

Pewter Bracelet at EstyGloria’s new creation with one of Alaska Boro’s focal beads is title “Last Embers”. It is indicative of cold and hot fire embers. The pewter accents the bright orange and pinks in a delicious flavor of color. The silvery gray pewter negates and tames down the bright colors in this irresistible design.

The Alaska Boro handmade bead is slightly off center which enhances the random look of this creation. The bracelet consists of matte beads, leather cord and lead free pewter.

Organic Bead Necklace

Organic Bead Necklace at Alaska Handmade JewelryThis beautiful creation is inspired by Jim, Alaska Boro, that supplied the handcrafted boro bead focal. His bead creations are inspirational to me when designing jewelry. People ask, "What do you do when you are stuck and no creation comes to mind?" Often I get out Alaska Boro creations and there is my inspiration.

Upon seeing this bead I found others to match. Those beads, in time, will become matching earrings and a bracelet. This bead in this creation will take the lead on the style of the earrings and bracelet.

Many of my favorite items to design with are included in this design. The necklace features Kiwi Lapis, Sodalite, Czech glass and Bali bead caps, spacers and clasp. The necklace is 24 1/2 inches in length. And will remain in my private collection as a treasured keepsake of my wonderful Holidays of 2010.

Material written by Alaska Handmade Jewelry

The Magic of Boro

Organic style bead at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Boro has been working with the magical properties of boro glass. Beads are being crafted with a variety of colors to produce some amazing results.

Boro, being what it is, has the unique property of surprise. When creating a bead, one never knows the results. Sometimes, even annealing the bead causes interesting color changes.

These new boro beads are what some would call ‘organic’. The look of nature with the look of fractals. Unpredictable, but yet most interesting with no two beads ever being the same.

Snowman Bead

Snowman bead Alaska Boro BeadsNew at Alaska Boro is a snowman bead. It is guaranteed to ‘not melt’ once it exits Alaska for warmer climates!

This sample snowman bead is 22.5 mm in height with a 3/32 mandrel hole. Each is handmade using white, black and red boro glass. The scarf on some beads will vary both in color and placement.

Each snowman boro bead consists of three beads all made on the same mandrel. The top hat is rolled on a graphite marver to make a small cylinder. The rim is then added. The scarf, in this model, is made using a stringer of twisted red and white glass.

New Bead Batch

New Handmade Boro Beads at Alaska BoroAlaska Boro has just removed from the annealing kiln a new batch of beads. Colors of all sorts ranging form blue to green to reds, etc. All of the newly made boro beads are produced on a 3/32 inch mandrel with our new bead release formula.

The new bead release (mandrel release) is applied very thin resulting in a bead hole that is closer to the mandrel size. The best part is that the release does not crack or flake under boro heat conditions. And the release, a big plus, can be flamed dried!

The next few days will be needed to process the new beads. This involves photographing, processing in photoshop and posting.

Poetic Blue / Condor Mews

Shadow Dog Designs of Hilton Head and designer Catherine created both a necklace and a set of earrings using beads from Alaska Boro.

Poetic Blue necklace created with an Alaska Boro BeadPoetic Blue features a boro blue bead in combination with blue chalcedony rounds and luminous freshwater pearls. As Catherine said “The lampwork boro glass bead, made by Jim of Alaska Boro Bead, has amazing swirls of different shades of blue with bits of green in it. You can look down into the bead and see many layers. Mesmerizing!”

Condor Mews earring set made with Alaska Boro beadsCatherine’s next jewelry creation is titled “Condor Mews”. It is created with the focal being an Alaska Boro rich blue bead with swirls of differing shades of blue, mossy green and white. Catherine stated “One thing I love about these beads is that they have a 3-D quality as you gaze down into them. An ethereal look!”.

Shadow Dog Designs enjoys using boro beads from Alaska Boro as they make her creations easy to sell. In fact, Catherine has sold both the above featured necklace and earrings.

Nomadic Tribes Bracelet

Blue Agate Bracelet using an Alaska Boro BeadGloria, of Chrysalis Handmade Original Jewelry, just posted her new creation on Art Fire. Her Tribal bracelet is designed with faceted blue agate which gives a marvelous dimension when viewing its rough side.

The use of a leather cord with added old African red jasper and coral beads plus a copper accent is used to show off the amazing depth of the focal boro bead by Alaska Boro.

The earthy colors along with dashes of bright copper complete the design.