Cobalt Blue Tear Drop

Blue Cobalt Glass Teardrop Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsThis blue boro glass teardrop is created by using a combination of cobalt blue and clear glass. The mixture is heated, twisted and pulled prior to forming the teardrop.

The overall process is to from the mass of glass into a ball. Then selectively heating sections to allow for gravity to pull and form the drop. When using boro, the glass reacts like molasses on a very cold day!

Some say this design reminds them of a very blue 'water drop'. The good part is that it will not evaporate over time.

This would make a nice addition to a designer's creative tool box for a wirewrap creation.

Approximate size 41.61 mm x 15.91 mm. (length x max diameter)

The Cabochon Look

Blue white boro cabochon at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Boro has been working up a unique design for boro glass cabochons. This idea was put forth by Alaska Handmade Jewelry. A stateside jewelry designer desired a wire wrapped pendant of special boro glass colors consisting of cobalt blue, silver and white.

This is a similar cabochon which uses white to offset the darker boro colors. It is shaped like a teardrop, with no bail and a slight flat back. The back being flattened makes it easier to wrap the cabochon with wire. Plus the cabochon will lay flatter when in use.

Since the overall design called for wire wrap no bail is required. Other pendants, still under development, will have a round bead attached (melted to) the top for hanging from a cord or chain. However, these will take the form of either a round design or the traditional teardrop.

Approximate size 32.87 mm x 16.46 mm x 13.43 mm. (length x width x thickness)

Lampwork Necklace with Copper

Dark Red Lampwork Bead Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsGloria, of Chrysalis Jewelry, designed an outstanding dual stand necklace using a boro handmade bead by Alaska Boro in Anchorage, Alaska. Her necklace features a luminous dark red lampwork bead (by Alaska Boro) surrounded by patinad copper beadcaps and spacers.

To compliment the handmade boro focal bead, baroque red Czech glass beads, etched sage green lampwork beads, Montana blue glass rondelles and assorted sizes of denim blue Picasso finished Czech seed beads were used. The closure is an 'S' shaped copper clasp with the necklace length of 22 inches and the shorter strand at 18 inches.

Boro Freeform Glass Pendant

Boro Glass Pendant Silver Wirewape at Alaska Boro BeadsThe Alaska Boro freeform glass pendant, as described below, has made it out of the annealing kiln and into the hands of our wirewrap artist.

The boro design lends itself well to a number of layouts. One is a typical vertical pendant. However, our well crafted artist made use of the boro glass pendent in a horizontal motif.

The pendant is wrapped using a silver colored wire which accents the deep blues and lighter tones of the freeform boro pendant.

Freeform Boro Pendant

Free Form Boro Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsThis Alaska Boro freeform pendent is made of two silver sticking colors on a cobalt blue base. The silver based glass provides a most interesting silver sheen look.

The colors are also mottled making for a OOAK design. The overall design idea was to produce a boro glass pendant that was suitable for wire wrapping.

This particular pendant does not have a hole as seen in a traditional pendent that is supported by a chain or cord. However, after wire wrapping with copper, silver or gold filled wire, displaying this pendent on a cord would make for a most eclectic creation.

Maximum height 35.48 mm, maximum width 29.31 mm, maximum thickness 9.40 mm.

Colbalt Pulled Pendant

Pulled Colbalt Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsAn interesting pendant made with clear, backed with cobalt blue with imploded pedals has been created by Alaska Boro. This experimental creation consists of a bead implosion converted to a pendant with loop.

A 12 mm glass rod is melted and then pressed to form a disk. This is then decorated with tiny dots of color. To obtain alignment, a flower frog is used to press in dimples.

The dots are melted in and the implosion process started by melting the edge into itself. The cobalt blue is added as a backing and melted in. When completed, the 12 mm rod is removed with a punty added to one edge.

The top, where the 12 mm rod was attached is melted in to form the front. Then a second punty is placed on the far edge. This is used to pull the disk into an elongated shape. Heat is added to pull out the glass to form a thinner strand that will be formed into a loop.

The elongated cobalt pendent is 52.2 mm in length, 20.9 mm wide and 7.6 mm thick.

Woven Tears Pendant

Woven Tears Wire Wrap Pendent at Alaska Boro BeadsWoven Tears is a copper wire wrap creation by Sally. It is her first posting on the Boro Bead website. While not boro, at least not this version, the piece is an extraordinary display of what can be done with copper wire.

The focal use a natural stone in place of boro. Future designs will replace natural store with a handmade boro glass creations. For this piece, the white stone plays off well with the square and round copper wire. The seed beads along the outside draw attention to the intricate detail in this copper wire wrap creation.

Mardi Gras Necklace

Mardi Gras Boro Bead Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsGloria has created an eclectic one of a kind necklace using a very large hole bead from Alaska Boro. The shades of pink, purple and amber within the bead are nicely offset with the sumptuous stands of freshwater pearls and Miyuki triangle shaped seed beads.

The apparent randomness of Gloria’s creation matches today’s fashion’s style which has discarded all norms of symmetry.