Mushroom Season

It is mushroom season at Alaska Boro Beads. This time it is a smaller variety, with a stumpy little stem. "So cute" is the comment!

Blue Boro Mushroom at Alaska Boro BeadsThese little mushrooms are abundant with color. Some colors are most unusual, but again most interesting and intriguing to look at.

Each boro mushroom is made from one piece of boro rod that is colored to achieve what boro does best. Color!!

The added part is a loop on the top, a request by a boro bead client. With a hook, each can be hung from a Christmas tree of other object of choice.

The hook is made of stainless steel and embedded into the glass while the glass is still molten at around 1500 degrees F. A special bending jig was made to form the stainless steel wire/rod into a repeatable shape.

These "cute" little glass mushrooms have a cap OD of about 25 mm (an inch) with a height minus the loop of 28 mm or so.

Covey of Mushrooms

Group of Handmade Boro Glass Mushrooms at Alaska Boro BeadsNot sure what one calls a group of mushrooms. But "covey" would seem to be most appropriate for this boro glass mushroom collection made by Alaska Boro Beads. Each boro mushroom is handcrafted from clear and select colors of boro glass.

Every mushroom starts out with a clear boro rod, decorated with color and perhaps frit to enhance the design. This "covey" contains six individual mushrooms, each different in color and size. Some are made with thick, while others with thin clear boro stems.

The caps, well to say 'no two are alike' would be an understatement. In color, tilt and shape each as its own characteristics. Boro Handmade Mushrooms art at Alaska Boro Beads All are mounted on a rough cut wood base that is finished with pine oil.

The tallest mushroom is 46 mm off the base with a cap OD of 25 mm. The smallest white mushroom (towards the front) is 24 mm from the base with a cap OD of 14 mm. The crafted wood base is in the range of 110 mm x 93 mm.


Boro Glass Mushroom at Alaska Boro BeadsMushrooms this time of year are an oddity, especially in an Alaskan winter. However, Alaska Boro has found a way to make really cute glass boro mushrooms.

The mushrooms all have varied colored caps. This one is white with a smattering of amber/brown. Others have tints of blue, green and white.

These are all handmade here in Alaska using the traditional "off mandrel" technique. i.e. no bead release to clean! Each is made free form including the stem which bows in varying directions.

The pictured mushroom has a cap diameter of 24.85 mm, an overall height of 45.69 mm with a stem OD of 6.86 mm.

Black, Red and Silver Cabochon

Red Black and Silver Cabochon bead at Alaska Boro BeadsA black, red and silver cabochon created by Alaska Boro has a very distinct look. The back has been flatted for wearing stability and for ease of wire wrapping.

All three boro colors are mixed with boro clear, twisted and dropped with the assistance of gravity. Because of the random nature of twisting, rod thickness and applied heat, each boro cabochon is unique and one of a kind.

This boro cab bead is 29.66 mm in height with a maximum width of 15.14 mm.

Boro Glass Pendant

Blue Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Handmade Jewelry created a unique nickel-silver wire wrapped pendent using a boro glass bead made by Alaska Boro. The design incorporates a bead made with cobalt blue, silver, a thread of white along with clear for a one of a kind pendant bead.

The bead was custom wrapped with special meanings woven into the creative design. The pendant is 54 mm high by 18 mm wide.

Beaded Necklace

Big Hole Bead Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsAnna has created a unique necklace with a large hole bead focal from Alaska Boro. The necklace uses a hand beaded spiral rope with Czech red glass beads and metallic bronze seed beads.

This one of a kind creation, features a red boro bead with a marbling of deep reds and metallic colors which can be removed for a necklace with two personalities. The overall necklace length is 18 inches.

Flower Pendant

Boro Glass Flower Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsA pendant can also be created with the implosion method. The same process of melting and forming a maria is used.

This boro glass pendant used an implosion to create the flower with red stamens. The loop is a cobalt bead that is add once the pendent is completed by welding the two individual pieces of glass together.

Pendent diameter is 27 mm with an overall height including bail at 36 mm.

Implosion Marble

Small boro imploded marble at Alaska Boro BeadsUsing the implosion process to make a handmade boro glass marble is an interesting process. This boro marble, created at Alaska Boro is one such example.

The process begins with heating a 9 to 12 mm clear boro glass rod. The glass is then pressed, hot end to a graphite marver to make a flat disk that looks like a tire. To this is added small dots that are melted into the glass face.

The edge is heated a number to times so that the glass moves from the edge to the center. Thus the dots are 'imploded' towards the center. i.e. a very slow process.

Many marbles and pendants are made they way. With skill, the dots can become flower pedals (an arc of glass) or with twisting other interesting designs.

This sample small marble is 17 mm in OD with an added flat spot on the base so that it would not roll. Perhaps not a marble, but a very small paper weight!!!