Angry Eye Bead

Angry Eye Boro Glass Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsThis boro eye bead demonstrates the negative side of a person's personality! One normally has an eye with pleasant features. The Angry Eye boro glass bead is not pleasant, but shows the evil side.

The Angry Eye boro bead is made on a 3/32 inch mandrel with an outside diameter of 18.57 mm with a thickness of 11.58 mm. The bead is a dual eye bead with one eye on each side.

Boro Pendant Necklace

Boro Pendant Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsA creative design using a handmade boro pendant from Alaska Boro. Sally at Alaska Handmade Jewelry created this 24 inch masterpiece.

As stated by Alaska Handmade Jewelry....

"Peach Drop 7 mm pearls Cultured Pearls provides the rickrack look of the Boro Pendant Necklace at Alaska Boro Beadsnecklace. Each Pearl is complemented by Rondell Muscovite bead which adds to the earthy rich feel of this necklace. The Pendant is accented by Bali bead sterling silver caps. Only the best to compliment the Goddess Boro Glass bead (certainly one of a kind). The Goddess Boro Glass bead is quite beautiful with an eye catching focal from front and/or back."

Mini Marble

Mini Flower Imploed Marble at Alaska Boro BeadsA small dime sized marble with a floral imploded internal flower. This is an Alaska Boro 'test' marble that is used to explore the use of the 'implosion' process for including a flower design inside the marble.

The process starts with a disk made of clear. Then each flower 'pedal' is added in an arc around the outside center of the disk. Additional pedals are added as needed to make an interesting design.

The edges and front of the disk are heated with the glass flowing towards the center of the disk. This is the implosion process which moves the glass from the edge to the center.

This takes time with a lot of heat as boro glass moves like 'molasses on a cold winter day'! The final processing step is rounding up the glass into a marble.

Inside Pendant

Inside Design Boro Glass Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsBoro glass pendants are made by creating a maria (a rod that is heated with the end being pressed onto a flat surface forming a disk at the end of the rod). i.e. visualize the hole of a life saver over the end of a pencil point. This disk is then decorated with colored glass and melted in to form a pendant.

For this handmade pendant by Alaska Boro, a maria is made and decorated. The colors melted in and then a second maria is made. This additional maria is then glass welded to the surface of the first disk. The result, is a pendant with the design "inside" which is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

The hot glass is formed into a pendant shaped disk and flame polished to remove any tool marks. Then a small bead is melted into the top for the bail.

This inside design boro glass pendant has an outside diameter of 28.76 mm with a height (bottom to top of bail) of 38.44 mm. The pendant is made from blue, white, black and clear boro glass with a cobalt blue bail made with a 3/32 inch hole.

Eye Bead

Double Evil Eye Bead at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Boro has created an interesting double eye bead in boro glass. This handmade eye bead is 17.7 mm in outside diameter with a 3/32 inch mandrel hole. The tan background accents the black-white-blue eye.

The 'eye' is placed on opposite sides of the bead, creating the double eye look with two eyes. Some eye beads use only one eye which works well for pendants but not as well for a bead.

It would be possible, on a larger bead, to use four eyes thus balancing out the bead. The difficulty with either a one eye bead or a pair of eyes is retaining the round shape of the bead. A lot of heat, time and patience will produce the desired round bead shape.

Silvery Boro Pendant

Boro Pendant Necklace at Alaska Boro BeadsA stunning creation made by Alaska Handmade Jewelry utilizing a boro glass pendent hand crafted by Alaska Boro. This 22.35 mm (in OD width) pendent uses a Shepard's hook for the bail plus a number of silver striking colors for a sparkly look.

The necklace is 24 inches in length. This creation consists of Bali silver beads (direct from Bali), Nephrite Jade, Peridot and Sterling Silver findings.

The same technique as used in making mushrooms is in place for this pendant. Clear boro rod is coated with a number of colors including those with a high silver content plus boro frit. This glass combination is melted in, pulled, twisted and formed with the colors displaying their brilliant boro beauty.

Red Hanging Mushroom

Small RED Handmade Boro Glass Mushroom at Alaska Boro BeadsMushrooms, at Alaska Boro, come in a variety of colors and sizes. This red boro handmade mushroom is complete with a stainless steel hook. And with the stubby stem design, can self stand.

This new red mushroom, is composed of three colored rods intermixed with clear. The hook is melted into the glass in place of glue. Glue would be an acceptable option for this process, but melting into red hot glass just seems more natural.

All the boro glass mushrooms passed the kiln test and came out annealed without issue. Taking cold glass to 1050 F can sometimes present problems. Twelve hours later they had cooled to 127 F just right for kiln removal.

The cute leaning mushroom, with a clear stem has a cap OD of 25.32 mm, a height without hook at 28.13 mm with a total height of 34.85 mm.

Carol's Bracelets

Red Bead Bracelet at Alaska Boro BeadsCarol is a jewelry designer that uses a number of Alaska Boro beads in her creations. She creates for fun, as a hobby and for friends in the Midwest.

These two examples use Viking knit to produce the chain which perfectly balances the chosen beads. The snowman (snow person) is nicely accented with the choice of silver wire for the bracelet. This is offset with the use of a white and red patterned boro glass bead.

Snowman Bead Bracelet at Alaska Boro BeadsThe gold bracelet melds nicely with the reds and subtle whites of the bead. The copper works well in this combination for a simple but yet very effective combination.

Now to convince Carol to take her creations "on line" and open a shop for all to view and purchase her Midwest made creations.