Multicolor Fumed Pendant

Multicolor Fumed Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsWell sometimes you get the most unexpected. This fumed silver pendant consists of clear and a single boro glass striking color. And WOW, once the red heat glow dissipated the most unexpected colors appeared!

Yes, that is the wonder of boro glass. Some interesting and surprising results. However, in this case, these colors are most wonderful and add much interested to the pendant.

The overall pendant is made of boro clear glass including the bail. The silver fume is placed on the maria with dots of color applied. This is melted in to form a pendant. A black backing is added to provide contrast to the applied color.

Much of the color comes from the interaction of the applied striking color with the silver fume. During the melting in process, some of the silver is burned off which results in layers of multiple interleaved colors.

The overall width of the pendant is 23.64 mm, a total height from bottom to top of bail of 34.27 mm, a maximum thickness of 12.08 mm and a hole size of 6.62 mm.

Gold and Ice

Gold and Rose Glass Icicle at Alaska Boro BeadsIcicles that do not melt at room temperature is a goal for Alaska Boro glass. Here in Alaska, winter is on its way. Thus, it is time to start thinking of cold, snow and ice. The tree leaves are on the ground with a little snow remaining from earlier snow falls.

This boro glass icicle is made of clear boro rod that is stretch to form the correct icicle shape. Bumps, as found in the cold type of icicle, could be included by compressing the glass in select areas. And slight bends can be added to realistically shape the creation.

To enhance the design, random drops of clear glass are placed on the surface. This adds interest to the surface appearance to change a smooth look to something much more interesting.

The last step is to use real gold (currently $1,701 per ounce) to fume the glass icicle. The fuming process deposits a thin layer on the boro glass which creates a background rosy color with drops in a gold sheen.

The overall length of the boro glass rose/gold icicle is 80.9 mm with a maximum OD of 12.2 mm with a hole at the top for hanging.

Summer Green Pendant

Green Boro Glass Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsLooking forward to the next season, Alaska Boro glass created an in hole boro glass pendant. White, yellow, blue and green are the colors of the summer past celebrated in this creation.

This multi colored glass pendant was made by twisting these various colors of glass together to form a round pendant. The back is heated and worked flat as most jewelry works better with a flat back.

The hole is made in the solid glass by using a hot tungsten pick to punch a hole in the hot glass. The hole is made larger with the use of a carbon pointed rod to ream the hole to size while the glass is still soft.

The Summer Green Pendant is 28.8 mm in height, 24.9 mm wide, 10.2 mm thick with a hole ID of 6.5 mm.

Silver Fumed Pendant

Fumed Boro Silver Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsA silver fumed clear glass pendant is the latest creation from Alaska Boro Beads in Anchorage, Alaska. The pendent is internally fumed with .999 fine silver to create a white wispy internal nuance to the piece.

Fuming is accomplished by using a slightly reducing torch flame to melt the silver. The vaporized silver is deposited on clear glass which is then twisted and turned to achieve a random wispy effect. Gold can also be used for a different effective color.

The overall pendent is made into a disk. In this case the disk is stretched on one end to make a Shepard's hook for the bail.

Gold Collection Beads

Gold boro beads at Alaska Boro BeadsAlaska Boro is now creating boro glass beads that have the look of shinny gold. In fact, these beads are created with "real" gold.

The overall process is to make a glass bead. Then coat the bead with microscopic gold particles. This process is called fuming.

The gold is placed in the torch flame which cases the material to vaporize. The bead is used to catch this fine microscopic material which results in a gold reflective coating.

The overall color of the bead is dependent on what the bead base is made of along with how the gold is applied. Pink Gold boro beads at Alaska Boro BeadsThe colors can range from green/gold to pink/gold and gold/gold.

A bead made from clear glass will have a rosy pink transparent color. While a bead created with a white base can range from a mysterious pink glow to almost a gold/gold look depending on lighting conditions.

Beads are made on a 3/32 inch mandrel and range in size from 13 to 14 mm in outside diameter.

Boro Cab

Wire Wrapped Boro Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsWhen I saw this Boro Cab from Alaska Boro with all of the greens and golds I knew it had to be wrapped.

The design of the wrap is inspired by the suggestion of green flames in this beautiful Boro Glass cab. Wire weaving on one side has the feel of steps. This wire work is inspired by the steps of colors in the glass.

Most of the wire is square non-tarnish silver colored wire. Half round wire is used to weave the steps on the one side of the bezel.

The multiple swirls are added to the design to accent the layers of colors in the glass. I especially like designing and wrapping Boro Glass cabs because the colors are so dynamic.

Frit Tray

There are many way to utilize frit (broken glass) in making a bead. The basic process is dipping a hot near molten bead into pieces of shattered glass. The applied frit is then melted in which forms a rather random pattern. Some very nice effects can be obtained by using various colors of frit in different layers when making a boro glass bead or pendant.

The way that works best, for Alaska Boro glass beads, is to use a frit tray that is stable and made out of a heavy material. Stainless Steel Frit Tray at Alaska Boro BeadsSome trays are very light weight and tend to tip spilling frit over the work area.

Here at Alaska Boro, the frit tray design utilizes a section of stainless steel pipe that is 2-3/8 inches in outer diameter (OD). The length of 5 inches is perfect for stability and weight. Each pipe section is cut lengthwise in half resulting in two frit trays.

The holders are a section of 2 x 4 with a hole cut in the center. Generally heat will not be an issue as the glass in the frit holder acts as an insulator. If this does become an issue, then a metal holder could be made to serve the same purpose.

The advantages of this design are stability, the ease of pouring the frit back into the storage container and that stainless steel does not conduct heat very well, thus keeping the tray from getting overly hot.

Clear Frit Pendant

Clear Frit Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsThis one of a kind pendant is made of a number of boro glass colors. The center utilizes a tan that has been combined with clear glass frit. The result is a boro glass pendant with a spider web of tan due to the action of the frit.

Frit, in terms of lampworking, are small pieces of glass. These can be purchased or made by crushing glass. Frit can range in size from glass dust to larger chunks. Sizes in the range of 1 to 2 mm work well for many applications.

The best part is that frit is applied in a most random fashion. Thus the produced creation is one of a kind.

This pendent made by Alaska Boro uses a Shepard's hook for the bail. The overall length is 47.19 mm with a maximum diameter of 30.10 mm. The bail has an ID of 6.88 mm.