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Teal Lampwork Bracelet

Teal Lampwork Bracelet at Alaska Boro BeadsTeal blue green lampwork glass surrounded by rustic copper, picture jasper, Czech glass and seed beads. For accents the bracelet contains an aqua blue recycled glass nugget, black ceramic rondelle and a handmade African copper and brass beads. The toggle clasp is antique copper and the bracelet will fit best on a 6.5 to 7 inch wrist.

This bracelet by Chrysalis Jewelry features a boro glass bead from Alaska Boro.

Boro Drop

Boro Drop Pendnat Alaska Boro BeadsAn interesting free form boro glass pendant drop created from Simax clear plus Northstar Boro turquoise and amber.

Gravity is used to pull down the molten glass into a free form. With this pendant there is a pronounced 'bump' that adds interest.

This unfinished pendant has yet to be annealed and durring that process the end with the hole will be fire polished.

Overall length is 29 mm with a 1/8 inch hole for stringing.

Graphite Masher

Graphite Masher at Alaska Boro BeadsIn the world of lampworking there is a need to change the shape of molten glass. In this case a masher is used to complete this task.

Mashers come in a variety of styles and materials. Some use a parallel masher or the less costly BBQ variety. The parallel in nice in that it does with the title suggests -- keeps the thickness of the glass the same.

The BBQ type does work, but will not maintain a true parallel result. In many cases it is not necessary.

This graphite masher performs the same task as either the parallel or BBQ. It is 'very' heavy duty being made from one inch thick graphite. The overall base size is 4-3/8 inch square. This size and shape works well with the listed "L" marver which forms the other half of the system. Or any type of base plate could be used including textured material that is heat resistant.

The handle bracket is made from 1/8 x 1-1/4 inch steel, heated and bent to size. The wooden handle is a dowel rod that has been drilled and taped to 1/4-20.

If the desired glass thickness of 1/4 inch is required it is a simple matter of placing two bars of that thickness on the base and mash away.

Graphite L Marver

Graphite L Marver at Alaska Boro BeadsA graphite L marver is a tool that has a number of uses in the lampworking world. Many use a marver mounted on a torch for ease of use as it is short trip from the flame to the L marver.

One use is to shape a design into a cylinder as the 90 degree angles act as the bottom and side edges enabling rounding to occur. Some other marver designs use angles other than 90 degrees to make a cone. These use 60 degrees for that process and look more like a V-block.

This marver by Alaska Boro is constructed from 1 inch thick graphite. The overall outside size is 5-3/8 inches long by 3-1/2 inches high. The working surface is 4 inches long by 2-1/2 inches high and 4-1/4 inches in width.

To provide the required stability the back is attached with 6 inch long bolts with holes drilled through the entire length of the base. To further increase durability, both the front and rear utilize a 1/8 inch thick steel plate to protect the graphite. These plates also distribute the holding forces evenly over the width of the face and rear potion of the marver.

The added feature of the through bolts provides a location to attach a mounting bracket as needed. Holes could be drilled and taped but will not take as much abuse as a through hole.

Many firms sell L graphite marvers. Costs range from $50 to $70 depending on design.

Boro Silver Wire Goddess

Boro Silver Wire Goddess at Alaska Boro BeadsMy latest wire wrap is featuring a creation of Alaska Boro Beads. The process of creating went through a number of modifications. The cab started out as a pendant. Alaska Boro Bead decided it would be more true to itself if the bail was removed and it became a cab.

The Goddess look that was a part of the boro creation was properly clothed in Sterling Silver wire wrap.

The sizes for this Goddess pendant are: height 64.5 mm, width 20.5 mm and a bail opening of 6.4 mm.

Outside the Box

Silver Wire Warped Boro Glass Drop at Alaska Boro BeadsI named this wire creation 'Outside the Box' for the different style of presented wrap. The cab is boro glass created by Jim at Alaska Boro with its unique shape of, what I would call a doughnut tear drop. The glass design invited ones imagination to come and play.

Playing with the off centered nature of the cab and the ribbons of color in it, a weave bezel kept the traditional concept of order. The flowing nature of the glass brought to mind plant vines. This I created with Sterling Silver wire as a vine though the pendant drop hole.

Vines are a fascination and this cab was a good match. So it seemed fitting that the two came together in this Sterling Silver wire wrap.

The finished creation is 45.0 mm high and 31.5 mm wide.

Green Flower Marble

Green Boro Flower Marble at Alaska Boro BeadsThis distinct marble from Alaska Boro is themed on a green flower with striations in the flower pedals. A simple design that is magnified by the built in natural marble lens.

The flower uses the classic implosion technique to produce a natural flower look in boro glass. The pedals are created by using twisted cane composed of green and white. When added to the maria, and melted in, the result is a pedal that has detailed looking veins. The central portion of the flower, the stamen, uses small dots of yellow glass.

A graphic marble mold is used to shape the marble. However, the mold rim produces the round shape, not the mold itself.

The Green Flower marble is 22.48 mm is diameter or just slightly larger than 7/8 inch. The weight is 13.80 grams.

Teardrop Implosion Pendant

Flower Drop Pendant at Alaska Boro BeadsGravity is a part of the process for a teardrop pendant. This one of a kind lampwork boro pendant is created by using the implosion process to add the central design. A dark backing is added for contrast with the imploded design.

A loop is added to the "round" pendent by placing a hot drop of glass on the top and melting in. Once the correct shape, this glass drop is pierced with Peter's pliers for the initial hole. The larger hole is created using a graphic tapered rod to the finished hole size.

The round pendant shape is converted to the final shape as heat is carefully added which allows the glass to flow forming the teardrop shape.

This pendant by Alaska Boro beads is 45.7 mm in height, a width of 23.6 mm, a thickness of 12.2 mm with a bail hole size of 5.1 mm.