Boro 3/16 Inch Mandrel Beads

Boro glass beads in this section are created on a 3/16 inch stainless steel mandrel. The hole size of 5.39 mm is an average that will vary depending on bead release thickness. Click on picture to view larger image.

SKU: 9990
Silver Minnow Boro Glass Bead
OD: 16.079999999999998 mm
Width: 7.88 mm
Hole: 5.39 mm
SKU: 9991
Lithium Olive Boro Glass Bead
OD: 15.73 mm
Width: 7.78 mm
Hole: 5.39 mm
SKU: 9992
Orphan Haunt Boro Glass Bead
OD: 15.3 mm
Width: 7.51 mm
Hole: 5.39 mm
SKU: 9994
Buxom Adage Boro Glass Bead
OD: 15.49 mm
Width: 7.29 mm
Hole: 5.39 mm